Health Care Industry

Podiatry Plan is the number one choice for managed podiatry care in California. We offer a comprehensive approach to managed foot care, providing quality care to patients while conserving costs to providers.

Diabetic Care Costs

• There were nearly 6,000 lower extremity diabetic amputations related to foot problems in California during 1990.1 Many of these amputations could have been avoided with proper podiatry treatment.

• The average diabetic related ulcer treatment, including hospitalization, can cost more than $50,000.

• Podiatry Plan makes podiatry treatment an affordable part of "disease state management."

• 15% of diabetics will develop foot ulcerations during their lifetime and 15% of these will require amputations. Half the diabetics who have amputations die with three years.

• Re-ulceration rate for diabetics is 58% but with proper care shoes and orthoses it’s only 28%

Senior Care Costs

• Medicare payments to podiatrists were almost $1 billion in 1995. This represented 2% of all Medicare outlays.

• The cost of non-managed podiatry care is increasing 12% per year versus only 8% for physicians.

• Podiatry procedures to Medicare patients increased from 13.7 million in 1986 to 25 million in 1991.

• Podiatry Plan makes conservative care - an important component of preventive care for Seniors - more cost efficient and effective so insurers can limit surgical alternatives.

Workers' Compensation Costs

• 9% of all non-fatal work injuries under Workers' Compensation occurred to the ankle, foot or toes.

• In one group study, when patients who may have been treated with elective foot surgery were given custom orthotics instead, 97% were relieved of that specific complaint - eliminating the need for surgery.

• Insurance funds and self-funded plans have realized that braces, orthoses or shoes are proven instruments of conservative care which are very effective in reducing health care costs while limiting complications from surgical treatment. A podiatry program that contains these benefits can significantly reduce costs.

Sports Medicine Costs

• A study of 347 injured runners that were prescribed orthotic shoe inserts showed 31% received complete relief of symptoms and 45% reported partial improvement.