Peer Review

Doctor Credentialing

Podiatry Plan has an established group of more than 480 podiatrists in 725 locations in California, Nevada and Arizona. Our intimate knowledge of podiatric medicine allows us to select and credential the very finest professionals who are dedicated to the plan's principals of offering the highest quality care at affordable rates.

Peer Review / Quality Assurance Systems

Continuous participation of doctors is based on strict peer review, comprehensive quality assurance systems, annual evaluations and on site visits.

Utilization Hospital Pre-certification and Claims Review

Podiatry Plan includes a utilization control program with pre-certification of surgery and hospitalization. We perform 100% claims review. This program strictly controls, if not eliminates, unnecessary hospitalization while encouraging outpatient procedures. The utilization program is also designed to control under-utilization within our capitation system.

Mangement Information Systems

Our management information systems allow the insurers to control podiatry costs, to make more informed medical care decisions and to predict future costs. These systems and procedures mean greater administrative efficiency for both the insurers and providers.

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