Health Care Overview

Podiatry Plan offers several traditional and unique types of contract services to our clients. Each can exist individually or be bundled.

Types of Contracts

• Commercial – PPO and EPO
• ERISA sub contract or carve out
• Hospital contracting for Podiatry Plan
• Provider certification
• Panel development and fee contract
• Medicare risk
• Workers Compensation

Active Contracts

CIGNA Health Plan of Northern California
Electrical Works Local 332 Health and Welfare Trust
SCAN Health Plan
Southern California Drug Benefit Fund
Southern California United Food & Commercial Workers Unions
and Food Employers Joint Trust Funds
Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust Fund
Teamsters and Food Employers Security Trust Fund and Southern California
Soft Drink Industry and Teamsters Health and Welfare Trust Fund
UFCW – Employers Benefit Plans of Northern California

For more information about see our Active Contracts page.

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