Health Care Overview

Greater Quality

What does podiatry do to create greater quality at less cost?

Doctor Credentialing
Podiatry Plan has an established group of more than 400 podiatrists in California and Nevada. Our intimate knowledge of podiatric medicine enables us to select and credential the very finest professionals who are dedicated to the plan’s principles of offering the highest quality care at reasonable rates.

The panel of podiatrists is opened annually for re-credentialing of existing members and review of new members. The process includes critical review of training. Malpractice experience, state license review, peer recommendations, Medicare and hot sheet review and a commitment to conservative care before surgical care.

Peer Review/Quality Assurance Systems
Podiatry Plan includes a utilization control program with pre-certification of surgery and hospitalization. We perform 100% claims capture and review. This program severely limits, if not eliminates, unnecessary hospitalization while encouraging out patient procedures. The utilization program is also designed to limit under utilization and unnecessary services within all of our programs especially our capitation system.

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