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Is Podiatry care important enough to have it’s own plan?

The trend for podiatry care is increasing every year as our population ages. Studies prove foot problems can lead to expensive in-hospital medical treatments—including surgery—if they are not addressed early.

Fact 1 59% of the non-institutionalized population receives treatment for foot problems. 39% are treated by podiatrists and 20% by orthopedists (1)

Fact 2 Podiatry ranks 14th out of 26 in order of importance by Medicare beneficiaries, above other specialties including dermatology, neurology and otolaryngology (2)

Fact 3 The analysis of all foot problems shows 33% are treated with surgery, 20% are treated conservatively and the remainder go untreated (3)

Fact 4 45 out of 1000 patients were treated for corns and calluses while 18 out of 1000 were treated for bunions (4)

Fact 5 Re-ulceration rate for diabetics is 58% but with proper post treatment care the re-ulceration rate is only 28% (5)

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