About Us

Podiatry Plan was established in 1982 to primarily meet the cost containment needs of Labor-Employer Trust Funds (ERISA) regarding the practice of Podiatric Medicine for their beneficiaries. Podiatry Plan is the largest comprehensive foot care program in the Western United States providing monitored quality care to more than 500,000 beneficiaries with over 480 podiatrists.

Today, Podiatry Plan contracts with the health care industry, including Trust Funds, Medicare Advantage Programs and Health Care Insurance Companies. Our plan functions within its strict guidelines of Peer Review, Quality Management and Utilization Review as well as provides a Claims Review and Claims Management Systems.

Podiatry Plan has provided substantial cost savings to its clients while improving the quality of care and reducing administrative load.

- Medical Director
Aaron Meltzer, D.P.M. has 40 years of podiatric experience in alternative delivery systems and private practice. He is also the Chairperson of the Utilization Review and Quality Assurance Committee.

- Administrative Director
Paul R. Scherer, D.P.M. has 40 years of experience in podiatric administration, academics, research and private practice. He also developed and implemented the podiatry monitoring systems for the health insurance industry. (1)

(1) Scherer, PR., Employee Benefits Journal, Vol 13, No. 1, March 1988, pp 34-38.

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