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    Podiatry Plan offers a comprehen-
    sive approach to your foot care needs. Patients can choose from a select network of leading podiatrists to help keep your feet healthy.

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    Find out why Podiatry Plan is the number one choice for managed podiatry care in California. Insurance providers can be confident Podiatry Plan is working to conserve costs.

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    Podiatry Plan is proud to provide a select network of leading podiatrists. Discover how you can join our leading team of doctors and enroll in our peer review process.

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• Comprehensive care at reduced costs. Compare Podiatry Plan management care savings. Find out how we save you money.

Foot Facts

  • • 97% of foot surgeries can be treated with custom orthotics.
  • • Podiatrists are more likely to have been chosen by the patient than for any other kind of medical procedure.


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